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In giving us the Bible, God did not inspire its authors to give us a book of rules, a legal document, or a textbook on science, history, or even religion. God gave us a collection of stories, knowing well that stories are the fundamental building blocks of human relationship and community at all levels.

When we put on our story lenses and view the Bible, a totally different set of truths and questions are visible. I believe it is this set of truths and questions that God meant for us to use to guide our lives.


The world is on edge right now. Troops muster, missiles fly; hate and violence cast a pall of fear at home and abroad. We feel a sense of unity with those who share our views on world events but more divided than ever from those who don't. New alliances are made but often at the high cost of once-cherished relationships that now lie in the dust.

Jephthah's Daughter

I have been resonating with a Bible story lately--and not one of the "nice" ones. It is the story in Judges 11:29-40 of Jephthah's Daughter.